January 2024

Haskell Utilizes RodRadar’s Live Dig Radar® technology in an NFL Training Facility in Jacksonville, FL

Introduction & Background

Haskell is a leading US-based architecture, engineering, and construction firm with over 2,300 highly specialized, in-house design, construction, and administrative professionals across industrial and commercial markets. The firm has more than 20 office locations around the globe and is renowned for its expertise in the consumer product goods industry, with a particular focus on food and beverage projects.

The project in question, involved the construction of a lead NFL training facility in Jacksonville, Florida, a significant development aimed at enhancing the teams’ infrastructure by providing state-of-the-art facility.


Before the integration of new technologies, Haskell faced several challenges in its excavation and construction processes. The primary issue was the frequent utility strikes during excavation, which not only posed safety risks but also led to significant financial losses and project delays. Every time they encounter a utility strike, it affected their bottom line significantly in terms of money, time, and employee morale.

The challenges were compounded by the soil type and environment in Jacksonville, which is characterized by sandy soil and a high-water table, making underground utility detection even more complex. The site’s urban setting added another layer of complexity due to the dense network of utilities.

Haskell needed a solution that could reduce the risk of utility strikes, allowing them to work safely and accurately.


In their quest for a technology that could offer utility strike prevention, they discovered RodRadar and its innovative Live Dig Radar® (LDR) technology. The LDR Excavate™, being the first-ever ground penetrating radar (GPR) integrated into an excavator’s digging bucket, presented a promising solution to their challenges.

The RodRadar Solution

RodRadar developed Live Dig Radar® (LDR), a patented and proprietary radar imaging technology combining advanced design, embedded processing, sophisticated algorithms, and cutting-edge engineering, which provides the excavator operator automatic real-time, on-site alerts for the prevention of damage to underground utility infrastructure during excavation.

The LDR Excavate™ is an excavating bucket unit with the Live Dig Radar® technology already fully embedded. It is designed to withstand even the harshest digging environments and has proven itself through rigorous testing. It empowers construction professionals with real-time, precise information while working.

Implementation on Site

The implementation process involved pre-mapping the area to understand the utilities’ layout and depth, although the existing maps were often outdated or inaccurate. The LDR Excavate’s real-time detection capability significantly enhanced their safety measures, as it alerted operators during excavation if a utility was detected, minimizing the risk of strikes.


The results exceeded expectations. The RodRadar LDR solution reduced utility strikes to zero. Additionally, the technology revealed several utilities that were not documented in the existing maps, some live and others abandoned. This allowed Haskell operators to avoid potential hazards and further project delays. The value for money and time savings when using the LDR Excavate digging backet was undeniable, making it a vital tool in their construction processes.

Quote by Haskell

“The RodRadar Live Dig Radar bucket has revolutionized our excavation process, significantly reducing utility strikes and uncovering previously unknown utilities, ensuring safer
and more efficient operations.” Cutler Knupp, Director of Strategy, Haskell


Onsite Status & Future Projects

The RodRadar LDR Excavate is still in use at the site and continues to be an essential part of the excavation toolkit. Given its success on multiple projects, Haskell is integrating the LDR Excavate into future projects, ensuring safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in our construction endeavors.


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