March 2023

Haskell Implements Live Dig Radar® digging bucket at a Large Plant Expansion in Brownsville, Wisconsin

Introduction & Background

Haskell, a leading firm in the architecture, engineering, and construction industry, employing more than 2,300 highly specialized, in-house design, construction, and administrative professionals across industrial and commercial markets. The firm has more than 20 office locations around the globe and focuses on food and beverage projects.

This project aimed to develop a facility in Brownsville, Wisconsin that would meet the growing needs of the community and the dairy industry.



In Brownsville, the rural setting meant fewer utilities, but the information about existing utilities was even less reliable. The soil composition, consisting of clay and loam, presented unique challenges for underground utility detection. The average number of utility strikes was lower than in urban areas, but each strike had a significant impact due to the remote location and the difficulty in accessing repair services. The project team was in process for site preparation for an existing plant expansion. They needed a solution that could adapt to the different soil conditions and provide accurate utility detection to prevent strikes.



Haskell decided to implement RodRadar’s LDR Excavate™ digging backet in Brownsville. Its previous success in an urban environment, convinced them that it could be adapted to the rural setting of Wisconsin as well.


The RodRadar Solution

RodRadar developed Live Dig Radar® (LDR), a patented and proprietary radar imaging technology combining advanced design, embedded processing, sophisticated algorithms, and cutting-edge engineering, which provides the excavator operator automatic real-time, on-site alerts for the prevention of damage to underground utility infrastructure during excavation.

The LDR Excavate™ is an excavation digging bucket unit with the Live Dig Radar® technology already fully embedded. It is designed to withstand even the harshest digging environments and has proven itself through rigorous testing. It empowers construction professionals with real-time, precise information while working.


Implementation on Site

The project started with pre-mapping efforts revealing the general layout of utilities in junction with potholing to verify line of site on existing utility lines. The LDR Excavate’s real-time detection was even more crucial here due to the less reliable pre-existing utility maps and importance of operating around utilities for an existing manufacturing plant.



The LDR technology proved to be effective in the rural setting of Brownsville. It helped the operators avoid potential utility strikes, saving time and reducing costs. The technology’s ability to adapt to different soil types and detect utilities in real-time was a game-changer, ensuring the safety and efficiency of the excavation processes. The project team utilizing the LDR also identified and unearthed a 1⁄4 inch fiberoptic line that was nowhere on the survey or existing as-builts and burned deeper than typical fiber lines.


Quote by Haskell

“Utilizing the LDR Excavate in Brownsville demonstrated its versatility and effectiveness rural settings with incorrect survey data, making it an indispensable tool for our construction projects.” Cutler Knupp, Director of Strategy, Haskell


Onsite Status & Future Projects

According to Haskell, the success of the LDR Excavate in Brownsville, as well as in Jacksonville FL, has solidified its place in their toolkit for future projects, ensuring that they can tackle the challenges of utility detection and excavation with confidence, regardless of the project location.

“RodRadar's LDR technology is a game changer. The solution does exactly what it says it does. The accuracy has been impeccable and it's already helping Haskell to identify subsurface conditions we were not aware of before. Damage to underground utilities plagues the entire industry across the globe. We finally have an opportunity to completely eliminate strikes - this is very exciting.”

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