December 2022

“The future is NOW” in Aspen, Colorado

Stutsman & Gerbaz, Aspen’s veteran earthmoving company, has been providing high-end residential and commercial excavation services since 1960. The company is continuously seeking technologies to increase safety, reduce downtime, and improve its operations, efficiency and productivity.

A particularly persistent challenge has been accurately identifying and avoiding underground utilities.
RodRadar’s Live Dig Radar® has delivered on its promise to help Stutsman & Gerbaz achieve those goals – and much more.

"RodRadar’s Live Dig Radar changes excavation! It has been incredibly accurate and easy to use and it clearly gives us a tremendous advantage. Nobody could see into the ground – until now. With the LDR, we can finally see what’s hidden from view while digging and avoid hitting underground utilities. It increases the operator’s confidence and enables faster and more efficient work. Managers at the Aspen municipality just couldn’t believe it. In fact, one of their project managers said: 'The future is NOW - and it is here.'"

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