April 2023

Weiss GmbH utilizes RodRadar Live Dig Radar technology in its constructions sites

Weiss GmbH Tiefbau Straßenbau is a leading German construction company from Baden-Baden, serving the residential, industrial and commercial construction market with the most innovative and advanced technologies.

״The system is very easy to use. After a short training period, our operators knew how to use it effectively in the field. On the first job site alone, over 20 utilities were detected. One of the operators came to me and said: ‘After 45 years in the field, I can tell you Live Dig Radar is the most useful technology I have ever used – even more than a quick coupler and a GPS’"

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59 Derekh HaRimonim St, Rinatya 7316500, Israel
T. +972.3.641.9302 E. info@rodradar.com

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