RodRadar has developed an unprecedented technology platform that automatically detects underground utility infrastructure in real time, on-site, without the need for expert analysis.

(LDR) Technology

The one and only patented ground-penetrating radar imaging technology platform for real-time, automatic, on-site underground utility detection, empowering the operator, the contractor, and the entire earthworks ecosystem for safe, reliable excavations.

LDR EXCAVATE Your way to avoid utility strikes
during excavation

LDR Excavate is the first-ever ground penetrating radar (GPR) integrated in the excavator’s digging bucket, detecting and alerting on underground utilities in real-time during live excavation.

Customer Testimonials

"RodRadar’s Live Dig Radar® changes excavation!
Nobody could see into the ground until now."
Shay Stutsman | President
"After 45 years in the field, I can tell you Live Dig Radar® is the most useful technology I have ever used."
Oliver Weiss | President
"LDR technology is a game changer. The accuracy has been impeccable. We finally have an opportunity to completely eliminate strikes - this is very exciting"
Cutler Knupp | Managing Director of Dysruptek, Haskell’s ventures arm
"With RodRadar’s LDR technology, we can safely execute an infrastructure without disrupting our research"
Arik Shabat | Head of Construction and Development Branch
"LDR Excavate™ is expected to be a game-changer in the construction industry, and to be an essential part of our future projects."
Eran Cohen | VP Operations
"Thanks to Live Dig Radar®, we were able to dig with confidence. The system is very easy to operate, and we can envision using the system in any project!"
Mor Msgidish | Owner

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