The DIRT: The World’s First Excavator Bucket to Detect Buried Utilities

Listen to The DIRT episode interviewing Moshe Dalman on RodRadar’s Live Dig Radar (LDR) technology and how it works.

August 7, 2023

Some have called it the “holy grail for earthmoving.”

Rodradar has developed the world’s first excavator bucket equipped with ground penetrating radar that detects underground utilities.

On this episode of The Dirt, we hear from company founder and CEO Moshe Dalman about how it works and get answers to questions contractors will have about the bucket, called the Live Dig Radar (LDR) Excavate.
Rodradar first unveiled the new radar bucket at ConExpo 2023, demonstrating how it can detect utility lines of all types and any material, including PVC. Rodradar has partnered with AMI attachments to develop three bucket sizes with ground penetrating radar and expects to hit he market next year.

“The operator finally has eyes to look into the ground whenever he is coming to any site and detect and avoid these utilities,” said Yuval Barnea, Rodradar vice president sales and marketing, at ConExpo.

To learn more about how the innovative LDR bucket works, check out the latest episode of The Dirt.

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