September 2023

How RodRadar is set to revolutionize excavation safety

RodRadar, an Israeli construction technology company, has developed and put to market a unique bucket and integrated ground penetrating radar (GPR) technology platform that automatically detects underground utility infrastructure in real time, on location, and without the need for expert analysis. The operator can view all information from inside the excavator cab. The Live Dig Radar (LDR) system is the first GPR system integrated directly into an excavator bucket, allowing an operator to scan below ground quickly and easily for utilities.

"It changes excavation. This changes earthmoving," says Shay Stutsman in the above video. "Nobody can see in the ground – up until now. Now we can see in the ground. So really, there's no excuse for us to have to worry about if there's something undetectable."

Watch the video above to see RodRadar's technology in action and hear more from Shay Stutsman about the abilities Live Dig Radar can bring to a job site.
Live Dig Radar shows excavator operators utility location and depth in real time

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