RodRadar allows operators to see underground utilities

We’re enabling the operator to see into the ground and have a tool that enables them to avoid utility strikes

August 25, 2023

RodRadar has developed a unique technology platform that automatically detects underground utility infrastructure in real time, on location, without the need for expert analysis.

The Live Dig Radar (LDR) system is the first ground penetrating radar that is integrated directly into an excavator bucket, allowing the operator to scan below ground quickly and easily for utilities.

Damage to underground utility infrastructure during excavation is an ongoing global challenge that, despite significant attempts to resolve, continues to cost the construction industry billions of dollars annually.

“RodRadar’s mission is to make the $100 billion annual cost of utility strikes around the world a thing of the past,” said Moshe Dalman, CEO and co-founder of RodRadar. “Our approach is completely different from anything else you see in the industry. We’re enabling the operator to see into the ground and have a tool that enables them to avoid utilities.”

The Live Dig Radar system uses advanced algorithms to classify radar echo and determine utility location. The system is able to detect any man-made material, including plastic and metal, to locate gas, electric, water, fibre optic or telephone lines in any soil type.

To use the system, the operator positions the bucket at the starting point of where they plan to dig. With the push of a button, Live Dig Radar scans the earth for buried utilities as the operator slides the bucket along the ground. The in-cab LDR Visualize monitor then displays the distance and depth of utilities in the area where excavation is required.

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