January 2024

RodRadar is one of the Top 50 most promising startups of 2024 redefining the Contech ecosystem

We are honored to be selected in the top 50 most promising startups of 2024 that are redefining the Contech ecosystem.

The construction industry has entered into an era of change, where new emergent business models are driving its revolution, in recent years many new players have emerged into the industry. The Contech startups are just some of the new players helping the industry become more sustainable, productive, efficient, and innovative, and are transforming the way it was traditionally seen.

In the realm of construction and excavation, where almost every minute an underground utility strike occurs, traditional processes and technologies are ineffective, leading to project delays, financial loss, environmental damage, and more importantly, risks to lives.

The evolving complexity of the utility landscape demands a revolutionary shift in excavation approaches to match the underground complexities.

The LDR Excavate™ digging bucket incorporating our patented Live Dig Radar® sensing technology is engineered to provide the excavator operator with real-time, on-site accurate alerts of underground utilities during excavation. This does not only significantly minimize the risk of accidental utility strikes but also speeds up excavation processes, reducing project timelines and costs.
We believe that the LDR Excavate has the potential to reshape industry standards and positively impact construction projects worldwide.

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59 Derekh HaRimonim St, Rinatya 7316500, Israel | +972.3.641.9302 | info@rodradar.com

59 Derekh HaRimonim St, Rinatya 7316500, Israel
T. +972.3.641.9302 E. info@rodradar.com

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