RodRadar Signs a $1.4M Deal with Sitech Tejas

SITECH Tejas, a HOLT company, will be the first North American dealer adding the groundbreaking Live Dig Radar® technology to its portfolio of leading heavy civil construction solutions.

March 13, 2023

RodRadar, developers of groundbreaking imaging technology for detecting underground utility infrastructure during excavation, announced today its first agreement with a North American dealer. SITECH Tejas, a HOLT company, will be adding the company’s debut product, LDR Excavate™, to its portfolio of heavy civil construction solutions.

SITECH Tejas is an authorized distributor of Trimble solutions across Texas and provides related construction management support. Its partner company, HOLT CAT, is the largest Caterpillar dealer in North America. HOLT’s investment arm, HOLT Ventures, was an early investor in RodRadar alongside other industry leaders such as Brick & Mortar Ventures, Mayer Group, and Dysruptek, Haskell’s ventures arm.

The order, worth over $1.4 million, concluded at February, will be delivered by AMI Attachments, RodRadar’s first North American bucket manufacturing partner. It is likely to be followed by additional purchases in 2023 to ensure HOLT CAT and SITECH Tejas can continue to offer RodRadar’s unique excavation solution to leading contractors in the region.

Fully integrated into the excavator bucket, Live Dig Radar Technology provides real-time, precision data on the location of underground utility infrastructure during excavation, automatically alerting the operator with easy-to-understand notifications. This prevents costly damage and increases construction site safety, as well as improving productivity and project efficiency. In 2022, the LDR excavation technology was deployed globally and in the United States at several major sites by pioneering utilities and construction industry leaders.

“After an extensive search for a safe solution that offers an additional level of security when operating near utilities, we knew RodRadar’s LDR technology was the right choice for our customers,” said Glenn Swisher, General Manager of SITECH Tejas. “We are pleased to offer this innovative solution to our customers, giving them an edge in bidding for construction projects with a high risk of utility strikes, which is a problem in Texas, as well as save them money.”

Underground infrastructure damage costs the construction industry over $100 billion annually, in addition to billions invested in less effective mitigation methods, with utility strikes during excavation causing dozens of deaths and hundreds of injuries. LDR is a dramatic improvement over current widespread excavation technologies and processes, overcoming their inherent limitations.

Meg Paulus, a partner at HOLT Ventures, highlighted RodRadar as one of the top companies in her firm’s investment portfolio, saying, “It is bringing a game-changing solution to the construction industry by helping contractors overcome a critical challenge in excavation projects.”

Moshe Dalman, CEO and co-founder of RodRadar, said, “We are very excited that SITECH Tejas has become our first dealer in North America. This agreement will introduce our revolutionary technology for preventing utility strikes – and their incredibly costly effects – to a whole new market of customers in Texas. We look forward to a long working relationship with the experienced professionals at SITECH Tejas.”

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