Your way to avoid utility strikes during excavation

Digging has never been safer

LDR Excavate is the first-ever ground penetrating radar (GPR) integrated into the excavator’s digging bucket,
detecting underground utilities in real-time and alerting the operator during excavation.

This breakthrough solution enhances the safety and efficacy of digging, construction, and earthworks operations,
reducing the enormous costs and environmental impact associated with everyday accidental damage.

LDR Excavate

Easy installation on both new and used
earth-moving equipment

LDR Excavate is an excavating bucket unit with RodRadar’s patented and proprietary technology already fully embedded. It is designed to withstand even the harshest digging environments and has proven itself through rigorous testing. 


Product brochure

18” or 24”
45cm or 61cm
18” or 24”
45cm or 61cm
18” or 24”
45cm or 61cm

Benefits & Advantages

It provides the operator with automatic and accurate alerts regarding buried utilities encountered during digging operations, in real time, before the utility is hit. A bucket with an integrated LDR technology can easily be installed on any excavator, current or new, using industry standard interfaces and attachment systems.

LDR Excavate can detect all types of pipes and utilities, including gas, power, communications, fiber-optics, water, sewage, oil and chemicals - in different soils and types of substrates.

real-time alerts

Detects all
utility types

Easy installation
on any Platform

Simple to use

Last line of defense

LDR Visualize

Intuitive and easy-to-use display
providing real-time alerts
LDR Visualize is an easy-to-use display unit located inside the excavator cabin. Using advanced algorithms to classify radar echoes, it provides the operator with automated real-time alerts, without the need for offsite expert analysis. Any novice operator with limited or no training can understand the information provided by LDR Excavate and independently avoid damaging underground utilities.

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