RodRadar developed Live Dig Radar® (LDR), a patented radar imaging technology combining advanced design, embedded processing, sophisticated algorithms, and cutting-edge engineering, which enables automatic
real-time, on-site alerts for the prevention of damage to underground utility infrastructure during excavation.

Automatic, real-time alerts

Any soil, any utility

High resolution data

Empowering the operator,
the contractor, and the
entire earthworks ecosystem

RodRadar’s flagship product is LDR Excavate, the first of a series of products and services to carry our proprietary LDR technology.

Embedded in the digging bucket, LDR technology overcomes existing GPR limitations, detecting underground utilities during excavation at any depth including shallow ones. On the surface and during trenching, LDR Excavate creates a new scan with each pass, consistently identifying targets only in proximity to the bucket

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